Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Manly Tungsten Rings & Pretty Things

Well looky here. I finally made my first set of business cards for And Shine. Many times in the past few months, I was embarassed to admit that I don't have one. I was under the impression that it would be difficult and expensive to make them seeing as graphic designers always made them at places I worked previously, and it often seemed like quite a production to get them going.

*Update* This wasn't meant as a dig at anyone I worked with in the past. hahaha. What I meant to say was that it seems the more people that are involved in the creative process, the more complicated and bumpy the outcome :-)

Anyway, I was browsing the Community forum at BuyItSellIt, and I read a post that was geared towards starting a helpful hint chain of small business services.

Vista Print was recommended by a few people so I checked it out. It was fun and easy to use, and took me all of 20 minutes.

*Update #2* Although I still think Vista is great for being affordable and easy to use, be warned that if you use them, you will receive a steady supply of promotional emails from them for the rest of your life :-)

I plan to use the cards to hand out now to all the people that ask me for more information about And Shine.

The other plan is to drop one in each package I send out to encourage return visits.

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  1. Congrats! :) So many people think it's harder than it is... I think many graphics design people want people to think that! :) I make websites but I don't horde my info.. I'm a little different but then I also don't make the big sites.. just little ones.
    Vista is a great and easy and economical way to get most of your printing done... even Kinko's uses them!


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