Saturday, March 14, 2009

Face to Face Selling....How Unusual

I got up early this fine Saturday morning. Spring is in the air, finally. It has been one bejebus of a long, cold winter.

Nobody wants to shop outside in the dead of winter here. No sir, unless we are snowboarding, we stay inside and hundle around whatever keeps us warm.

But now that it's sunny, I've been thinking about taking part in upcoming markets and festivals. I've been registered for the Lilac Festival for months now. It's an annual event in the hip part of town here in Calgary.

You see, as I've recently been learning, in order to take part in anything well known and well attended around here, it is necessary to be on the ball and plan months, if not a year in advance.

With that in mind, I spent the morning filling out applications, putting together sample packages, and sending links to my websites.

I much prefer selling online than face to face, but getting out there from time to time has its advantages too.

Hope to see you out there!


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